Mobile view of website with Mippin

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Based on statistics, are often found visitors using mobile devices. For that, they need a more benign view of the user’s of mobile device. Not all blog themes has full support for mobile device display. As I know, there are two websites that provide services to make mobile view of website, namely Mobify and Mippin.

I have tried all… and I think it is easier to use Mippin.

mobile view of website - Mippin

First, you must input your blog/website RSS feed URL. Click red arrow symbol at the right.

mobile view of website - Mippin

Second, customize your blog mobile view. Maybe you want to insert logo or change the standart colour.

mobile view of website - Mippin

Third, finishing step… define url of mobile view and the underneath you can fill the tag so that more easy to index by search engine.

For example… this blog have mobile view url, so… if you want to visit use your mobile phone internet browser, the page will displayed more simple adjust with it device. The data transfer will reduce, so … save the visitor money.

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