5 Most Reliable Internet Sources for Students

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Every college student across the world must at one time write a research papers and essays to excel and graduate successfully. A research paper or essay is as good as the sources the student chooses to use. Research papers and essays are usually the determining factors of success or failure.

Information on research papers and essays should be credible. This means that students should use reliable websites every time out. A number of students have had to repeat their coursework and exams because they failed to use reliable sources of information.

The internet is full of information. In fact, human beings are having a problem when it comes to processing this vast information. It’s important for students to know the reliable sources of information they should use to avoid disqualification.

5 Most Reliable Internet Sources for Students

1.     Education Resources Information Center

The Education Resources Information Center is an easily accessible, comprehensive online database that can be used by both students and teachers when conducting their research. The aim of this site is to improve how students learn and how teachers teach.

Education Resources Information Center provides access to over one million bibliography records, journals, articles and other learning materials. The collection found here are mostly full-text. Learning materials with no full text usually have a link which can be used to access them in a different site. The best place to find any education related topic is on this site.

2.     Science News for Students

Science News for students was founded back in 2003 to provide students with appropriate scientific topics and information that are crucial when writing a research paper or essay. It helps students gain easy access to the latest research findings on science that are beneficial in and out of the classroom.

It’s a great source of information for students majoring in scientific disciplines. Further readings can be easily accessed through the glossary and readability scores. This site is dedicated to provide learners with accurate scientific findings. It’s among the most reliable news sources today.

3.     Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a site developed by Microsoft that explores different ways to assist learners in getting the information they need to understand concepts in a better way.

This tool has tons of great features; one of them being the search engine which makes it easier to access any kind of information anytime. For instance, when writing a dissertation, it’s important to use sites providing dissertation writing help and then referring to Microsoft Academic.

Most of the information provided here can be accessed on full view. It also makes it easier for the learner to cite the sources of information using different writing formats. This is a site you cannot fail to use when doing your research.

4.     Thesaurus.com

Thesaurus.com is a free online platform developed by Dictionary.com. It has been operating for over 20 years now and it has managed to help millions of people to improve their command of English language.

If you are a student struggling to find the accurate words to use in your research paper or essay, Thesaurus is here for you. It contains more than 3 million antonyms and synonyms that will definitely help you with word relevance and length.

5.     Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free site that helps students and learners in general with scholarly literature. Google scholar also indexes peer reviewed online literature, books, dissertations, reports and abstracts.

Researchers have reported Google Scholar to contain about 300 million documents which include articles, journals and citations thus making it the largest search engine in the world today. Most learners use Google Scholar every time they are working on a piece of writing.


At one time, you’ll be required to write a research paper or essay. It’s very important for you to know the best sites to use when writing research papers and essays. You should always use reputable websites to find information.

A huge number of students have been disqualified because they obtained and compiled unreliable information. A research paper is as good as the sources you choose to use. Therefore, always go for the best sources. We have discussed some of the best sources available for learners across the world.

The good thing about all of them is that they are free. You won’t have to pay for anything to access information or cite. Start using these sites today. You’ll be amazed by how well you’ll perform.


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