4 Important Factors to Look at When Selecting a Video Editor

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Have you seen the wide range of video editing software available nowadays? Are you struggling to figure out what factors you should look at in order to select one that is the right fit?

While there are many factors that you will need to look at, there are 4 that are particularly important if you want to select a good video editor:

  • Budget

The cost of video editors can vary significantly for different software. Some may be free, others may cost up to $60, and yet others may end up setting you back a few hundred or even thousand dollars.

Keep in mind that a higher price does not make for a better video editor. Instead, you should set your budget and use it simply as a means to eliminate any software that are outside it.

  • User-friendliness

How user-friendly do you need your editing software to be? If you’re a beginner the answer is probably, “Very!” However if you’re more experienced and familiar with video editors, it may not be as big a priority.

While there are lots of factors that determine how user-friendly software is, at the end of the day nothing beats hands-on experience. That is why if there is a free trial available, you should make use of it.

  • Editing features and tools

If you have any specific editing features or tools that you need, you should certainly factor that into your choice of software. In some cases you may want more automated or smart tools that are easier to use, while in others you may be looking for greater levels of control over specific areas.

All in all this is an entirely subjective area, and you should base it on how you want to be able to alter your videos.

  • System requirements

Every software will normally list its system requirements, and editors will mostly have a ‘minimum’ and ‘recommended’ version of them. As far as possible you should try to make sure that your computer exceeds the recommended requirements – especially in terms of the RAM, processor, graphics card, and hardware space.

If your computer barely meets the recommended requirements you should be able to run the editor, but its performance may not be that smooth. On the other hand if it is below the requirements – you can expect to have issues with it.

It may help to take a look at Movavi Video Editor and see what it has to offer. It is a good example of an intuitive photo editor that is user-friendly and easy to use. With it you can easily use video zoom, cut and join videos, trim out unwanted parts, improve the video quality, add audio tracks, and more.

By looking at each of the factors listed above, you should be able to find a video editor that is more suited to your requirements. Not only that but it will let you more quickly select the software that you need, by eliminating options that you know aren’t a good fit.

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