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On Windows Operating System, there is some private directory named My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, etc. It is used to put personal data by default. But the dangers….. such directory are in drive C, in a single partition drive with Windows installation location.

…if there is something wrong and needs to be done with formating Windows, backup your data first.

But if your personal data are already on a different drive partition, you can feel more calm.

Now… how to make that personal data exists on a different drive partition by default?

If you use Windows XP and earlier versions, it can be done very easily … with cut and paste at the desired location. If, you use Windows Vista and Seven (7)….. follow these steps.

move my documents path

Right-click the My Documents directory and choose Properties. Look at the Location tab. Click move and define the target folder location.

After making this setting, every you save a document … will automatically be saved in the new location.


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