MozBackup: Mozilla backup and derivatives

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MozBackup is freeware (even for commercial use) to backup your Mozilla based software.

When you see MozBackup software version and release, maybe some of you think this freeware will not be executed on Windows 8, but in fact it is running smoothly. I really do not think that Mozilla has a lot of software derivative and of course, this software supports it. The following list:

  • Firefox 1.0 or newer
  • Thunderbird 1.0 or newer
  • Sunbird 0.3 – 0.9
  • Flock 1.0 – 2.6
  • Postbox (Express) 1.0 or newer
  • SeaMonkey 1.0a or newer
  • Mozilla Suite 1.7 – 1.7.x
  • Spicebird 0.4 – 0.8
  • Songbird 1.0 or newer
  • Netscape 7.x, 9.x
  • Wyzo

MozBackup will make backup of your bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, passwords, cache etc.and you will easy restore its too.

Get more info and download, please visit this page.

MozBackup is not being developed anymore. There are known issues and there is no time on my side to fix all issues and develop new features.

MozBackup - component backup


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