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Mp3tag is a small software that is used to set the tag on the mp3 audio file. Tag can include text and pictures (album cover).

If you want your mp3 collections regularly then you should start with file name and tag on each file. Tag is data that is read by mp3 player software (audio files). Data tags and filenames can be different. So, to order your mp3 collection regularly, you need to align the both two data.

To organize the audio files data tag, I usually use free software Mp3tag.

automatic tagging for your mp3 collections - interfacemp3tag - automatic tagging for your mp3 collections - interface

album cover - automatic tagging for your mp3 collections

Mp3tag can work automatically generate an audio file tag data with reference to the file name. So you will not be difficult to provide an audio tag data one by one. To generate a regular tag data, first you need to set up an audio file name owned.

In addition to providing tag data, it can also simultaneously to provide data (thumbnail-sized images) album cover. So that your collection will show the image when you view them in thumbnail mode (large icon view mode).



convert mp3 tag
winamp mp3 info

To organize the file names in bulk, you need software renamer. I ussually used is Ant Renamer.

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