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mWallet is a wallet software which represents the best modern solutions for Smart Finance, Shopping and Retail. With this software, you can forget about carrying different credit cards and installing numerous designated apps into your mobile phone. E wallet application is a universal payment solution for businesses in many areas and customers from all around the world. Managing digital currency was never this easy and accessible. Even though the key focus of the company is development of electronic wallets for Telecommunication companies, it is widely used in other industries such as:

  • Fuel Retail
  • Banking and Financial Industry
  • FMCG and E-commerce
  • Postal Industry
  • Digital Currency

More than 1.5 million eWallet app users from 14 different countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America have already chosen this virtual way of currency management. Constantly being online allows you to operate your finances even on-the-go with your retail application, having only a smartphone either on Android or iOS and access to the Internet. Right now, you can download a demo of the app from our eWallet website. This allows potential customers to try a couple of tests before deciding to work with a fully customized application.

Wallet Factory - Mobile wallet app

Mobile wallet app by Wallet Factory

If you are thinking about integrating a digital wallet solution with the best functionality, look no further than the mWallet by Wallet Factory. The developers made sure this app would suit the most demanding customers by creating a perfect customizable solution. In order to benefit your brand, we will customize the application with your own unique design and logo. After this is done, you will have access to a wide range of features:

  • A number of virtual payment tools – transfer money in-app or in-store. Online cashless payments are also supported;
  • New ways of communication with your customers – Geolocation and CRM;
  • An outlet for unbanked clients;
  • A loyalty program –encourage your customers with bonus points, special offers and exclusive discounts.

As a whole, this application will help your business to operate smoothly and efficiently. It does not only facilitate the seller-consumer relations, but allows doing it much faster. Self-service tool will make shopping quicker, cashless payments for fuel without living the car and picking it up after prepaid payment will help to eliminate the queues. There are many other ways of implementing the features, which this app has to offer.

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