Customize windows installation software: nLite, vLite, and RT 7 lite

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To customize windows installation software, you can using three of these tool that are freeware. nLite for Windows XP, vLite for Vista, and must have predictable RT 7 Lite for Windows 7 (Seven).

Customize windows installation software - RT7lite

Ability and use of this tool is almost the same, only works for each of Windows. It can be used to:

  • Customize windows installation software, so that the installation process runs differently than usual or according to the desired setting
  • Remove windows components that are not used, thereby reducing the use of computer resources
  • Tweaks some Windows settings, so that system runs more stable and fast
  • Making bootable ISO or DVD for instalation in the future
  • Making Windows master installer that will runs unattended and more smoothly.
  • Automatically integrate patch, service pack, and driver. This does not make you busy when the Windows installation process has been completed….. to install patch, service pack, and driver.

Customize windows installation software - nLite Customize windows installation software - vLite

It all will be found in the new windows master installer that formed at the end of the process in the form of image files (.iso). You need to copy it to CD / DVD to be used.

Read a brief description about remastering Windows 7 master installer with RT Seven Lite.

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