Blackberry Smartphone Tutorial 2 Responses

I do not like this way to upgrade BlackBerry applications because of troublesome, and as much as possible not to do. You have to find offline applications master installer, and it is quite difficult. If there is then the amount is limited. This can be done if you downgrade an installed applications.

offline upgrade blackberry apps - find the jad file    offline upgrade blackberry apps - download

First of all, you must find the offline master installer application that will be upgraded.

Second, transfer and place it on an external memory. Remember! already extracted folder, so you can see the files ending in *. cod and *. jad therein via BlackBerry phones.

Third, browse the .jad file of offline master installer with the file manager (see the left picture).

Fourth, execute the *. jad file. Will appear the detailed application information and option to download or cancel underneath (see the right picture). For that you must choose download. Don’t worry, it only pretended to download.

After that, the installation process will run as done just quicker than the upgrade method with assistance of laptop.

Note: if you use this method to downgrade, make sure to remove the application first.

Some offline master installer BlackBerry applications can be found at Antihackerlink Repository (Indonesian language).


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