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I think Dropbox and Megacloud easier to share files via smartphones than Google Drive, but you can make it simple with a few settings.

Yesterday I found a situation where my friend need field photographic documentation on multiple locations immediately. And I was in the field to get the photos. If me take photos using the camera, then the data will not be received on time. To overcome this, I took the pictures with smartphone camera, then upload them to online storage, and share it with my friend who were at the office. Problem solved!

Google Drive - send link to shareBut just before that, I found the problem in Google Drive. Then switched to using Dropbox with no constraints. The problem is the sharing privacy setting that set to Private level. When we share a file, then share link will be sent to friend. He will click the link then shared data will be seen and could be taken. That my thought was at the first. Me did not know there was an email that is sent back to me to confirm the data request from the link that was clicked by friend. It causes delay because my friend could only get the data after I did the re-authorization for the confirmation.

…..on smartphone, this troublesome!

My curiosity led me to find out so we can easily use online storage especially Google Drive that very popular. Following the discussion.

Create a folder which you want to upload the data directly from the phone. In the example below I create folder called Mobile. Then change the privacy setting of the folder to be as follows.

Google Drive - change share setting

On computer, you can invite others to share easily. Whereas on a smartphone, I think it’s kind of a hassle. So keep it simple when it is used on mobile phone but still maintaining its security aspects.

Google Drive - share privacy setting

Google Drive - share privacy setting

You can see in the picture below (especially on the folder icon) if changes have been made to share privacy settings. Current, the contents of the folder can be viewed and retrieved by anyone who have the link without the need to confirmation back. In other words, anyone can get the contents of the folder when he has that link. Link as the key.

Google Drive - shared folder

How about another online storage like Dropbox and Megacloud?

Share files through Dropbox and MegaCloud easy to do. It was like using Google Drive which has been set back for share privacy. Just give the share link to your friend through email or others way, and he will get all that is in the folder.

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