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O&O CleverCache 7 helps the management of RAM from your computer. It will cleanse the data from RAM when no longer used.

By using O&O CleverCache 7, you will no longer encounter jammed problems when running software. This usually happens when there is no free space on the RAM when required when running the software.

There are two ways to overcome this. The first way is to increase the amount of physical RAM on your computer. The second option is to use RAM management software like O&O CleverCache 7.
I actually prefer the first option to increase the capacity of the physical RAM. This definitely solves the problem. But O&O CleverCache 7 is still useful to optimize the use of RAM, especially when running complex software that uses a lot of RAM when in running.

O&O CleverCache 7 features

  • Reduce file cache of minimized programs
  • Revamped user interface with clearly laid-out Toolbar
  • Statistical evaluation of main memory usage
  • Enhanced profile management
  • Creates, exports, and imports individual profiles
  • Detailed memory use and cache statistics
  • System tuning and system monitor
  • Mem-O-Free for more available main memory
  • Mem-O-Safe for increased security in the event of a crash

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Get O&O CleverCache 7 license with free
You can get O&O CleverCache 7 license with free from the promo page, but only available in Deutsch.

O&O CleverCache 7

O&O CleverCache 7

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