O&O Media Recovery 6 [GIVEAWAY]

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O&O Media Recovery 6 is a software to restore the lost files on various media such as USB flash disk.

O&O Media Recovery 6 can be used very easily. Just connect your device with the computer then run O&O Media Recovery 6. There will be step by step guide to restore your lost data. After the process is running, will appear a list of your data which can be selected to be restored. In this section you can specify whether to restore all data or only partially. Restore all the data will take longer time.

Features of O&O Media Recovery 6

  • Quick search for files, even on very large storage volumes
  • Recognizes and restores over 80 File types (all standard graphic, video, and music formats)
  • Supports all Wiindows-compatible hard disks, removable drives, memory cards, USB Sticks, CompactFlash , and most digital cameras
  • Recovers data on storage volumes whose files have been damaged or destroyed by malfunctioning software

Media supports :

  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • Memory cards (e.g., SD, MMC, xD as well others)
  • Hard diskk
  • Devices such as the Apple iPod.

O&O Media Recovery 6 - recovery process


The software licenses of O&O Media Recovery 6 are distributed for free. If you’re interested, please visit this page. Submit your email on the form then you can found the license code and download link in the email sent.

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