Opera Mobile emulator

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Opera Mobile emulator developed to support the software developers so they can run applications tested on desktop computers like on mobile phone.

Software emulator is provided free of charge and you can get it easily. You can use it for browsing, try applying a variety of settings, even tried different system platforms to run Opera Mobile. Which has supported are Nokia Symbian S60, Android, and Windows Mobile operating system emulation.

This emulator used like on mobile phone with touchscreen. Click the button or website address (link) you want to go. If you want to type something, it would appear on the touch screen qwerty keypad. It’s very easy text input.

I’ve tried it, so please look at some screenshots below.

Opera Mobile emulatorOpera Mobile emulator

Opera Mobile emulatorOpera Mobile emulator


If you’ve tried, it will feel the movement and change of menu is very smooth. The response was quick….. This may be because it is run on a PC.

Want to try?

Go to the page The Opera Mobile emulator: Mobile development from the comfort of your desktop. There will you find more complete information as well as download links.

Fennec (internet browser for mobile device base on Mozilla Firefox), also provides emulator that you can use to try. Read article: Trying Fennec on desktop: mobile version of Firefox.

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