Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Certification Overview: Why to Use ExamSnap for Preparation

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Among all database technologies available in the world today, Oracle Database 12c stands out as the most advanced and secure. It is specially designed for cloud computing and gives users a great deal of versatility due to its ability to be installed in single or multiple servers. This scales up itscapabilityto store records to the tune of billions.For this reason, top companies in the market prefer to run their critical systems on this technology, and that’s why there is a huge demand for Oracle certified specialists.

Why get certified?

Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certification is an intermediate credential. It confirms that a professional has mastered the foundational skills for daily operation and maintenance of Oracle Database 12c. This certification is a stepping-stone to advance to higher certifications such as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Oracle Certified Master (OCM) for Oracle Database 12c.

You alsohave a good opportunity to get higher pay than your peers who do not hold this certification. The average pay for Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate is $93K and this can increase to over $180K as you get higher certifications. This can be a promotion in your current role or a better paying job with another employer. In the case of applying for a new job, this credential helps you survive the rigorous selection process as those who lack any certification are dropped along the way.

As earlier mentioned, Oracle Database technology is used by leading firms in the market, and for good reasons – it’s robust, continually improved, and has the capacity to store huge amounts of data. Organizations around the world are willing to pay top dollar to get the right person with the right skills to handle this technology.Some top companies hiring certified Oracle Database individualsinclude GC Services Limited Partnership, CACI International Inc., and Global Payments Inc. In addition, other firms around the globe have embraced this technology thereby increasing employment opportunities for such professionals.

How to get certified

For you to attain the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate title, you will need to pass two exams:

  • Oracle Database12c SQL (1Z0-071) or Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (1Z0-061)
  • Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062)

However, it is important to note that 1Z0-061 exam is retiring on November 30th, 2019 and those opting to sit for this test should have booked it before May 31st, 2019. If you already have a voucher, you should use it until November 30th, 2019.

1Z0-071 test has 73 questions that you must attempt within 100 minutes. You have to attain a score of 63% to pass.The second option – 1Z0-061 exam, comes with 75 questions, which must be done within 120 minutes, and has a passing score of 65%. The final test – 1Z0-062, lasts for 120 minutes and has 67 questions with a pass mark of 64%.

1Z0-071 and 1Z0-062 exams cost $245 each. To know the price of 1Z0-061 test, you can visit the official Oracle website.

ExamSnap Oracle Database Administrator Certified

Preparing for your exams: why ExamSnap?

The individuals’ performance in any exam depends on how well they prepare themselves. The final score is also influenced by the credibility of preparation materials the candidates use. When it comes to IT certification exams, study materials from the vendor usually provide accurate information as well as the scope of the tests.Sometimes, however, the provided resources may not offer the adequate possibility to gauge how well you have mastered important concepts covered in the exams. And practice tests could make the difference between passing and failing your exams.

This is where ExamSnap comes in. This site provides top-notch resources in the form of free and paid practice exams, online lectures as well as study guides to help candidates prepare for their IT certification exams.The resources from this website are prepared by subject matter experts. Over 90% of ExamSnap users pass their exams at the first attempt.

Preparing for Oracle Database12c SQL (1Z0-071)

This ExamSnap HomePage covers the principles of using SQL, basic SELECT statements, single-row functions, DDL, and subqueries. It also includes data manipulation, creation of schema objects, user access control, and more.

Oracle recommends that you complete at least one coursein your preparation for 1Z0-071 exam. You can take Oracle Database 12c: Introduction to SQL.The course is available in three versions – on-demand training, classroom, and live virtual classes. The on-demand course costs around $3,400, classroom training will cost you about $4,070, and the price for live virtual classes is around $3,860.

Other resources you can use include the premium study package from ExamSnap, which comes with an online training course, e-book, and practice exam questions with answers, all for around $39. You can also downloadfree exam dumps uploaded by the previous candidates. These tests will help you master the fundamentals of SQL.

Preparing for Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (1Z0-061)

The topics of this exam are similar to the ones of 1Z0-071, but with the focus on Oracle Database 12c version. If you are preparing for 1Z0-061, there are a number of courses available at Oracle University.

For instance, you can take the Oracle Database 12c R2: SQL Workshop. This course is available in two forms: on-demand training ($2,040) and live virtual class ($2,316). Another preparation option for 1Z0-061 is the Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals course. This training includes two options: classroom training ($4,070) and live virtual class ($3,860). ExamSnap website also offers useful files for 1Z0-061 test.

Preparing for Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062)

The last exam you need to sit for is 1Z0-062. This test covers topic such as Oracle Database architecture, database instance, user security administration, data concurrency management, recovery and backup, SQL tuning, database auditing, maintenance, and more.

These topics are also covered in the official Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop, which is delivered in three forms: on-demand training ($3,400), classroom training ($4,070), and live virtual class ($3,860).

You can substantially reduce your preparation budget for this exam by purchasing the ExamSnap premium bundle for 1Z0-062test. For about $39 only, you can purchase a packagethat comes with a 1561-page study guide, 363 practice questions & answers, and an online training course with 92 lectures.


Oracle Database technology is known for its robust architecture and ability to store huge amounts of data. These features come at a cost. It’s no surprise that most users of the technology are some of the most profitable organization. When you are preparing for the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certification, you can use many resources that are available on the Oracle website. However, if you want to cut costs, then you can use exam preparation materials from ExamSnap!

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