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I asked some friends, what is the best statistical tool for use on the blog? They replied….. Google Analytics. Why? How about the other statistical tool? In my opinion…. Awstats that can be found on the hosting Cpanel would be great because it attaches to the hosting. Outgoing and incoming data will always pass through.

… let’s first look about Google Analytics.

blog statistic report by Google Analytic

Google Analytics provides a complete statistical anyone who comes to visit your blog or website, internet browser to use, mobile device or desktop computer, bounce rate, etc. It can also tell how many people come to visit again. And many other statistical information can be obtained from Google Analytics. Completely full and free, this is very enjoyable.

Besides, you can use it to see the stats one by one article page, so you can examine an existing articles. You can also set a target according to the parameters set, and it will tell if the targets have been achieved. Really detail….. Therefore many of my friends who are blog author really liked Google Analytics.

Then….. what about existing Awstats on CPanel hosting? Which one is better and accurate?

In my thinking, Awstats is the most accurate. This because Awstats read hosting bandwidth usage. Each person who comes to visit, it will directly use the hosting bandwidth quota is used. Another statistical tool calculate with a slightly different way, namely by calculating how much the code embedded are loaded.

But many do not agree with me. They still think Google Analytics is best. I actually also do not know what is the best.

Like Google Analytics, Awstats also displays the data are fairly complete. You could say the same. It’s just that Google Analytics is more detailed in terms of how the calculations (for example, statistics for page by page article) and has notification upon the achievement of certain targets.

blog statistic report by Awstats

Alternative statistical tool

On my first blog with blogger platform that I have, VMANCER Blog Site, I using Shinystats statistics widget to observe traffic requests. For the free version, Shinystats presents a simple statistical data. You can show them to be seen by every visitor through chicklet model provided. For this purpose, it seems Histats more popular. Every week you will receive notification via email about the unique visit and views data weekly.

On, initially I am using the original WordPress stats plugin.

wordpress original stats - visit per day graph

wordpress original stats - site stats This plugin displays information requests per day, per week or per month with simple way. It also displays a link that references, and keywords that are used so that up on the blog. It also can display the information most frequently read articles, usually displayed data yesterday and today.

This information is very useful as a basis for analysis to make our blogs more perfect although not as complete as that presented statistical data Google Analytics and Awstats.

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