Google SketchUp Tutorial: create new default template

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Tutorial 5 Responses

Maybe some people who ussually use Google SketchUp tired to seeing an opening menu that aims to select a template as shown below. The default template can be made and regulated so directly would be used when creating a new drawing. But before….. see the bottom left of the picture below. Uncheck “Always show on startup” to hide this menu when run the software. Automatically used the template have choosen. How to make Google SketchUp...


Facebook chat setting appear offline, but you online actually

Manik Agra Internet social network Tutorial 0 Responses

I find the setting to change the direction to import RSS feeds, but I do not found. I found the visibility status of Facebook Chat. So….. you will still appear offline on Facebook Chat while you are online. Like Yahoo Messenger or other instant messenger visibility status. See the picture beside….. but that's not what I meant. It will make you offline from Facebook Chat. And now….. see the picture below. Note the option that i fill with...


FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 – free download version

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FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 used to minimize (compress) image file capacity so it size optimal to used on website or sending by email, especially with low bandwidth internet connection. Why it need to minimized? For example….. I am put some pictures on my blog with size 240 x 320 pixels. The original picture have 1024 x 768 pixels with 100 kb capacity. So I choose to minimize the picture size to 240 x 320 pixels such as by...


Google SketchUp Tutorial: quickly drawing door frame and leaf

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Tutorial 0 Responses

Here I apply the use of Follow Me and Push Pull tool in drawing door frame and leaf. This way will produce door frame and leaf drawing quickly. In principle, you draw a section of the door frame and leaf. Then create a path or trajectory that will shape the finished picture. Apply the Follow Me tool on the object to follow the path that has been made. At the door, use the Push Pull tool to pull up exactly to the frame surface. To be more...

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