Pengrupukan: a day before Nyepi

Manik Agra Cultural 2 Responses

Pengrupukan is one day before Nyepi in Bali celebrated by the Hindus of Bali. Nyepi is a day of Saka new year celebration. Pengrupukan is a day to perform ceremony in order to calm Bhuta (evil spirit) so as not to interfere mankind. The ceremony held on this day in all areas in Bali, called Pecaruan. While the late afternoon or early evening ... young people around the region by bringing Ogoh-ogoh accompanied by gamelan tradisional music that...


Google Sketchup Tutorial: mirror or rotate

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Tutorial 2 Responses

Google SketchUp Mirror command can not be found, whereas very useful when drawing object. Actually this command is still there, only have a bit different with other drawing software like AutoCAD. For example, if I want to mirror the object show on screenshot below with the spin axis that I mark red….. Tips: should group first or make it into element the object… that you want to mirror to avoid mistakes. Usually the object is not...

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