Mango Animation Maker [6-Month Enterprise Plan Giveaway]

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Create a new template or select one, add multimedia elements, animate your videos, then publish and share – this is what Mango Animation Maker is all about. The animation video software has the simplicity and everything you need to add magic to your videos. Distinct animation roles, text, music, animations, links, images, you’ve got it all from Mango Animation Maker. You can present your content with amazing voice-overs and narrations to...


Simple and Effective Solution to Automate Your Workflow from SignNow

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If you feel that paperwork requires too much time and effort and slows down all the processes in your business, it is high time to use the possibilities that become available thanks to digitalization and technical innovations nowadays. The solution provided by SignNow makes it easy to not only sign documents without the need to print them and wait for others to add a manual signature but also deal with payments, automate workflow, negotiate...


PDF Page Merger: Merge and Collage Multiple PDF Pages into One Single Page [Giveaway]

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We all hear about PDF combining, meaning joining two or more PDFs together in order to result in a single file that contains the contents of all the combined documents. But how about merging PDF pages? Yes, PDF page merging is another PDF-related processing which enables for putting multiple PDF pages together, of the same PDF file. If you are in need of a utility able to merge PDF pages, PDF Page Merger is worth a try. This awesome application...


The Different Casino Bonuses That You Can Get Online

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If you're new to the online casino scene, it's essential to understand the best and most affordable way to get going in the iGaming world.  With so many great - and some not so great - online casinos all vetting for your attention, it helps to know what to look for before you make that first deposit. Fortunately, most types of casinos offer excellent bonuses to help you along. When listing the pros and cons of online gambling, the...

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