Trillian Astra: Digsby rival

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If you chat and social networking enthusiast, maybe Trillian and Digsby sounded familiar. Both are multi-network chat application, making it easier to chat with various networks of friends. Both are social networking client to, make you easy to comment your friends status in Facebook and Twitter. Does not like Digsby that is free, Trillian...


Password Recovery Bundle Standard [Giveaway 10 licenses]

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Password Recovery Bundle Standard is a software used to recover password from Windows, SQL Server, PDF, Word, Excel, Outlook, FTP, MSN, AIM, etc. The using of Password Recovery Bundle Standard is handy and quick to recover and reset password that are not intentionally overlooked. Can be used by beginners and experienced with no technical...


Yahoo Multi Messenger for Yahoo Messenger 8 & 9

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This patch for Yahoo Messenger 8.x & 9.x are used in order to run YM for more than one account. You can run 2 Yahoo Messenger in the same time. See the picture below. Download Yahoo Multi Messenger for Yahoo Messenger 8 & 9 Download Even so, I still prefer to use Digsby or Trillian Astra. If you run Yahoo Messenger, it will...


Pidgin pop up notification

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I often chat with friends. due to connection problems, then I try using Pidgin because I think it quite mild. Unlike ordinary Digsby or Trillian which I use usually. But I do not like is the lack of notification so as not to know there are new messages or not. I know….. Pidgin is a chat software that came from linux and opensource. Definitely...

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