Profile Migration Tool to import Firefox personal file to Pale Moon

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Before I have write this article Pale moon: Different Firefox. And now is the related information especially who want to using Pale Moon from Firefox.

What are you Mozilla Firefox users who want to switch to using Pale Moon? If so, use the Profile Migration Tool that is provided to import your personal data in Mozilla Firefox to the Pale Moon.

Profile Migration Tool - Pale Moon

Profile Migration Tool automatically import your personal data from Firefox after you press the Copy Profille button if the default locations unchanged (see the picture above). Even so, there are several things that cause this tool can not be used.

  • as written above, the location of personal files are change
  • you use portable version, so the tool can not find the personal files location
  • this tool is not allowed to read the file by the operating system (or deemed application bully)

If you want to get this tool, visit Pale Moon Profile Migration Tool webpage and read some related info there.

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