Pale moon: Different Firefox (Freeware & Open Source)

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I heard from a friend who said that the Pale Moon is a faster Firefox. Using the same engine that will be compatible with Firefox addon. The interface is also similar to. Therefore, it can also import all the settings, history, and some other things related to Mozilla Firefox users.

pale moon - firefox - interface

What cause it different ?

Lay people may not know that distinguish it because it’s different in terms of programming structure that has been optimized. In addition, it has been adapted to the CPU (processor) that is used so that if you use it….. match with computer hardware.

Pale Moon - download

Oo….. it turns out like that so Pale Moon can not be called Firefox which has been optimized. Because Mozilla already patented the name Firefox …..

More details informations can be found on page Technical Details.

Want to try?

Please visit the download page and select the required version.

Want to personalize?

Read article Dress up with Firefox personas.

Note: The original article modified at the request of Pale Moon. The original article I quoted some of the contents of the Pale Moon official website.

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