Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home [20% discount]

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Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home is the standard software for dividing hard drives without data loss.

Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home can be used for disk management, create and resize partitions, create a backup, and restore it when bad things happen. On NTFS partition (system, locked) you can enlarge the size without rebooting Windows and interrupting your work.

Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home features

  • Backup and restore with VD (Virtual Hard Drive) Wizard
  • Support of GPT/uEFI configurations Perform operations under a 64-bit Windows configured to the uEFI-based boot mode
  • Complete uEFI Support
  • Full Windows Storage Spaces Support Use existing hard drives and combine them to one big storage to save videos or other large files. Easily manage large storage pools directly in your program with full Windows Storage Spaces support!
  • Separate x86 and x64 Installation Packages The x86 installation package includes x86 product binaries and the x86 Linux recovery environment. The x64 installation package includes x64 product binaries and two Linux recovery environments (x86 and x64 EFI-compatible)
  • Recovery Media Builder Prepare either Linux-based recovery environment on a USB thumb drive or in an ISO file.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • User-friendly Interface The user interface is now fully compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface, offering a Metro-style Express Launcher and a ribbon-based full scale launcher

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Partition Manager 14 Home

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