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PDF Compressor Pro offers a fast and easy way to compress PDF files without sacrificing content quality.

PDF Compressor Pro allows users to change the compressing value to get better compressed result and content quality. Also, the program supports batch mode and lets users compress hundreds of PDF documents at one time.

PDF Compressor Pro features

  • Reduce PDF File Size
  • Support Restricted PDF Files
  • Support Batch Mode
  • Keep the PDF Quality
  • No Need Adobe Acrobat Installed
  • Compress PDF Files Fast
  • Easy to Use

More about this software

2 things to note related compress PDF file

  1. Compressed PDF file is still big or larger
    First please check if your PDF files are scanned PDF or not. Scanned PDF documents are made from images so that the program can compress it. If the PDF files are not scanned PDF, the compressor will not work properly and make files bigger than before.
    Another reason may be the PDF file has been compressed already. Once the PDF file has been compressed, you cannot compress it twice.
  2. Compressed PDF pages are blurring
    Check the Compress Quality and DPI value. If these two values are too low, the compressed PDF file could not keep the good quality. Try to turn the Compress Quality higher than 75% and set the DPI to 120.

PDF Compressor Pro Giveaway

Get a free license of PDF Compressor Pro to compress your scanned PDF files. If you interested please visit this page soon, and check on the right sidebar. This giveaway promotion will be ended on June 28, 2019.

Promo code : PDFCMPRSR2019J

PDF Compressor Pro

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