PDF Converter Elite: Tool for Complete PDF Management

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PDF Converter Elite is already known document management tool that converts PDF files to MS Office and OpenOffice formats, as well as PDF to Image, HTML, AutoCAD.

PDF Converter Elite dealing with PDF documents is inevitable no matter what job occupation you have, a teacher, a banker, an accountant etc. Even if you work with documents on a personal level, let’s say to manage home budget reports or make grocery lists, most files you would need to tackle are in PDF format. The reason for that is simple. PDF format keeps data preserved and easily viewable.

PDF Converter Elite also convert scanned PDF files and there is an option for batch conversion. In other words, you can convert multiple PDF documents at the same time. With version 5 just released, we got interested to learn what are the new features users can benefit from:

  • Edit PDF Directly
    From now on, you don’t need to convert PDF files to editable formats. You can enter editing mode and add or remove text directly from a PDF. This editing feature is especially convenient when you need to make small edits to your PDF file. You don’t need to lose time to convert from PDF to Excel, for example and then again to PDF. You can make all edits directly.
  • Merge and Split PDF
    If you want to merge data that is kept in different PDF files, now you can do that with PDF Converter Elite. You can join multiple PDF files together and have all data in one place. And totally the opposite, if you want to exclude some data from a PDF, you can split parts of the document and basically make separate documents.
  • Convert Scanned PDFs in Batches
    Not only can you convert scanned PDF files, but you can also convert them at once. So, now when batch conversion works with scanned PDFs, you can save even more time. With batch conversion, you can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, CSV, Text, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice.
  • Convert PDF to CSV
    CSV format is widely used in the situations when data is exchanged. Files that have to be exported from a certain database, are usually saved in .csv format. Unlike .xslx format,.csv will keep the same data formatting needs and it would look the same on every computer. Since the version 5, PDF Converter Elite converts PDF to CSV as well. There is also an option to customize the look of PDF data before conversion happens, by using Advanced Options.

With a free 7-day trial, it would be pity not to try this PDF Converter Elite, a game changer in document management world.

PDF Converter Elite: Tool for Complete PDF Management

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