PDF Link Editor: A Smart and Freeware Tool to Edit Hyperlinks in PDF

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PDF format has been globally accepted for business use because of many advantages. One point is its ability to integrate non-text elements like external links. Readers can go to a webpage to get more relevant info on a subject by clicking on the link. Sometimes, you may find the embedded link redirects to the wrong page or no longer works. To put things right, you need to modify the link address, which can only be done with the software capable of processing PDF documents. We can’t deny that you can do everything on a PDF in Acrobat, with no exception of editing PDF hyperlinks. But as we all know, the subscription price is daunting. Besides, you would feel bothered to search links and edit them one by one. Fortunately, we have PDF Link Editor that is not only for free but also works way smarter than Acrobat.

PDF Link Editor

PDF Link Editor combines a handful of practical features for managing PDF hyperlinks. This compact application sports an intuitive and minimalist user interface, designed specifically for first-time users to quickly handle the software. Once the PDF is added to the program, all hyperlinks will be detected and displayed in a list. It’s possible for you to check the link information concerning anchor, URL and page number. You are allowed to change each link to a different URL or batch replace all links with one same URL. This program also offers the options to erase web links altogether as well as export all of them to a text file in one go. Let’s take a closer look at how this all-around editor works.

How to edit hyperlinks in a PDF with PDF Link Editor

Add hyperlinks in PDF

  • Import PDF to the program.
  • Click “Add Links” button to open a new dialog.
  • Enter the text you want to insert a hyperlink and search through the document.
  • Enter the URL in the textbox and add hyperlinks to your PDF.

Replace hyperlinks in PDF

  • Click on “Add PDF” to add the PDF to the program.
  • Select the link you want to replace by checking the corresponding box
  • Enter a new link in the “Replace” field.
  • Specify the output location and hit the “Replace” button.

Remove hyperlinks in PDF

  • Import a PDF to the program by clicking on “Add PDF”.
  • Press the “Clear Links” button to bring up a browser.
  • Choose the output path to generate a new PDF without any hyperlinks.

Extract hyperlinks from PDF

  • Upload PDFs to the program.
  • Hit the “Extract Links” button.
  • Designate the destination folder to save all links in a text file.

PDF Link Editor is a great addition to your arsenal of tools. Irrespective of being a beginner or expert, you will get the hang of using this utility superfast. Download this novice-friendly tool now and start fixing your hyperlinks.


PDF Link Editor: A Smart and Freeware Tool to Edit Hyperlinks in PDF

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