PDF Password Locker and Remover: protect and remove if no need anymore

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PDF Password Locker and Remover protect your PDF files with password and anti-copying technology. Remove password of encrypted PDF.

PDF Password Locker and Remover is a useful application for those users who want to protect their PDF files or remove the password of encrypted PDF files. Furthermore, you can specify exactly what kind of operation you allow or disallow.

Use this application is simple and the interface is straightforward. Launch the app, you will find the drag and drop area. The batch process is supported. In the right area, you can choose to set user password or owner password. Of course, your PDF files could be protect by both user and owner password.

PDF Password Locker and Remover

The amazing feature of this product is that you can choose the latter option so that it is possible for you to manage permissions.

What’s more, the anti-copying option provides you with an advanced method to protect your PDF files from content copying. It is also high recommended by the software author.

After that, all you need to do is setting the destination folder and click the “Start” button. Wait a second, the encrypted PDF files will be created in your destination folder.

PDF Password Locker and Remover

We need to protect our product using passwords. Sometimes, we also need to remove the password of encrypted PDF files. PDF Password Locker and Remover provides users with this feature of removing user password and owner password. Select password remover from the drop-down menu, load a PDF file and enter your user or owner password you want to remove. The rest is to click the “Remove” button. The unlocking process will be completed within seconds.

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