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Roughly a year ago, the Australian government announced the decision to adopt the peppol go specifications for eProcurement, especially electronic invoices. The announcement was simultaneously conducting the activities with the New Zealand government as well.

The primary objective of the implementation of People practices is to create a fast transaction of business documents between public and private entities in the market.

This breakthrough approach will bring such a positive set of benefits for the organizations that want to spread their wings in the international market. It is also one of the best ways to stay relevant in the digital improvements in different industries. Not to mention that every organization has equal opportunities to leverage the progress in order to meet new partners within the peppol network and improve their supply chain qualities.

As more and more businesses are deciding to adopt e-procurement in their process, it is also solid proof of the familiarity of Peppol BIS Billing 3.0. This solution combined with the existing solutions can ease the registrants of the peppol services to streamline their Australian tax reports.

According to the Government, the A-NZ invoice standards are mandatory to adopt. Meanwhile, the self-billing specification is optional. However, one would really take ample benefits from the self-billing within the peppol network. It will help the local organizations to cut the costs of operation and other expenses. The elimination of many manual labors and tasks can also significantly improve business operations. In Australia, ATO – Australian Taxation Office is the one that works with the Australian Peppol Authority. The official authority collaborates with the suppliers and entities to adopt the Peppol in business practices and provide support to the Access Point and providers in Australia.

What is peppol?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard peppol Australia many times but have no idea about its definition. So, what is Peppol? Defining the peppol services can be simplified as the set of standards that guide how the participants conduct the e-procurement across the country and globe.

PEPPOL was initially introduced in Europe and meant for European countries only. But as time goes by, the development of the solutions has been attracting a lot of countries outside Europe, including Australia, who want to simplify the procurement process in a single digital market. Obviously, this solution can benefit both public and private companies.

The peppol access point provider will provide the peppol services to connect the private and other bodies to the OpenPeppol network so that they can exchange the business documents safely without having to hop from one channel to another. Those who have been adopting the particular solution to their businesses can say goodbye to the complex bureaucracy and procedures between the different systems.

Gone are the days when the public and private entities must create different contracts to deal with different partners. Now with the peppol network, they don’t need to do it. The set of specifications and standards issued by OpenPeppol can be implemented directly to the existing exchange services and software. That means the entities won’t need to rewrite the contract from scratch for different partners. They just need to make sure that their partners are also compliant to the peppol go standards. And then, they just need to proceed with the document exchange without any hassle or problem.

Peppol E-invoicing

The Australian government has mandated the suppliers to send e-invoices to the government and partners.

There have been significant increases in e-invoices requests numbers from the private and public companies through the peppol network. Therefore, security always comes to the top priority. The file exchanges happen in a particular network. But unlike the other solutions, only the involved parties are able to exchange the paperless confirmation, preventing the third parties from intervening with their businesses.

Does Peppol work in Australia?

The short answer is a big YES. Since 2019, the application of the peppol services has been real and accurate.

On paper, peppol Australia offers a wide array of opportunities for Australia to proceed with digital transformation. It has things to do with the snowball effects of the small ventures, startups, as well as SMEs. As these parties can improve their productivity and scalability, they will open tons of job vacancies which do not only take the citizens’ participation but also the global market.

The manual processing has been a huge challenge for the mentioned parties because they have to deal with heavy workloads of paperwork. Paper invoices, for instance, is one of the most excruciating expenses that small businesses and enterprises need to deal with.

The huge spending will be the last thing that many businesses want to deal with. Simplifying the procurement with the help of people’s set of standards is an appropriate measurement that will save money and resources for the businesses.

The manual laborers also have risk in the accuracy and quality of the information. Mistakes and errors can possibly happen. The taskers then need to redo all the procurement manually, which in turn to wasting time and money. The peppol Australia can help those entities to deal with this problem.

What are the benefits of Peppol?

There are some key benefits of using peppol services for eProcurement in Australia and internationally:

Improve the visibility in the public sector

The different standards of invoicing and other procurements can jeopardize productivity in the public sector. By using the peppol go standards, your business will become a more preferred solution for both government and private bodies. They would exclude non-PEPPOL registrants from priority.

Being compliant for the future competition

Being compliant is one of the keys to the fail-proof scalability and development for each project. When a business exchanges the electronic documents through peppol australia standards, one can be sure to work according to the compliance requirements that can improve their productivity and scalability.

Save money and resources

Both sender and recipient can avoid costly roaming fees, paperworks, and other expenses in the process since everything is done automatically on the trusted network. In the long run, it can definitely help small businesses and enterprises to grow exponentially and be ready for global competition.

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