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Photo Watermark is powerfull software to make watermark on 300 photos in a minute. Watermark aims to protect the copyright owner of the photo.

Photo Watermark is software used to make watermark on photo. Watermark is a special mark given on the photograph to be recognized so hopefully no other parties who use the photo for other purposes. This aims to protect the copyright owner of the photo.

Photo Watermark features

  • Secure Protection
    Watermark Software allows you to add text or image to your photo, preventing others from removing watermarks and stealing photo.
  • Pretty Frames
    Watermark Software provides many picture frames that you can add and edit the frames to retouch your photo at your will.
  • Fast Watermarking Process
    With fast second generation engine and batch mode process support, watermarking 300 photos will be finished in less than 60 seconds, leading all of other watermarking programs.
  • EXIF Information
    It’s a very useful function for photograph user, understanding EXIF information from your digital photo, such as “Camera Name”, “Shutter Speed”, “Image Size”, “Date Time”, “Copyright”, etc.
  • Photo Formats
    Support all Popular Photo Formats included animated GIF. If adding photos with different formats to watermark software, it will process them at once, and can convert them to the same format.
  • Photo Resize
    Pixel and Percentage are two modes for photo resizing. If photos are in the same size, please use Pixel Mode; if your photos are in different sizes, Percentage Mode is a good choice.

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Photo Watermark by AoaoPhoto Digital Studio Giveaway

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Photo Watermark - AoaoPhoto Digital Studio

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