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Photomizer 2 SE is easy to use software to edit your photo and you can get the results quickly. For example to correct false apertures or to compensate unfavorable weather- and lighting conditions. The standard version of this software (Photomizer 2, no SE) has feature to process many images in the same time (batch mode).

Photomizer 2 SE features

  • Denoise
    Photomizer Pro can remove noise, for example in snap shots that were taken under unfavorable light conditions.
  • Artifact filters
    This filter eliminates artifacts, which occur during de-blocking and JPEG-compression of images.
  • Rotation
    The photo is on its side? No problem, just let it rotate into the correct position!
  • Revised auto correction and color adjustment
    The improved auto correction optimizes your photos even more thoroughly and the intensity of automatic color adjustment can now be adapted.
  • Revised basic functions
    All the known Photomizer 1 features were revised for Photomizer 2, among them the automatic object recognition (manipulates only those image parts that help improve the overall impression) and the fully automatic algorithms for re-adjustment of tonality, optimization of sharpening, contrast, hue control and saturation and bright / dark correction. Improved were also the proven touch-up functions (increase in definition and color intensity, compensation of matt colors, removal of fog and other negative weather influences as well as the elimination of undesired color casts).
  • Supported output formats
    Memory-saving JPG for web applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens as well as BMP for permanent archiving in high definition.
  • Statistics function
    The statistics tell you at any time how many photos you have already optimized.
  • Non destructive image editing
    The original photo remains unchanged in all steps
  • Manual optimization
    Additional options for individual editing of single photos – also in full-screen mode.
    Reading and display of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera shots.

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Photomizer 2 SE Giveaway

You can get this software license worth 29.99 EUR with free on this page: Photomizer 2 SE and download

Photomizer 2 SE

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