Change Blood color PUBG

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On the battlefields of PlayerUnknown you can change the color of the blood that appears when you hit your opponent. Some players focus on the blood around the enemy during the shooting to adjust the fire. Thus, setting a comfortable blood color can significantly improve aiming accuracy and overall performance in PUBG.

Change Blood color PUBG

To change the blood color in PUBG you need to open the game client, go to “Settings” on the “Gameplay” tab and choose “Color blindness mode”. There are four ways to change blood color in PUBG in 2020:

Normal (red)

Deuteranopia (purple). In the mode Deuteranopia blood can become purple. This suit is difficult to see on PUBG cards and is not recommended for players with normal vision.

Protanopia (blue)

Activation of protanopia creates blue blood. The visibility of this color is average, not for everyone.

Tritanopia (purple)

Tritanopia – a choice of streamers PUBG, blood light purple, it allows you to change the approach of the shot, because the poisonous “purple cloud” is visible even 600 meters from the point of impact, which will help you determine the target shot.

How to get green blood in PUBG

Green blood in PUBG is also clearly visible, it came from Chinese servers. In fact, it is in the Celestial Empire can not show red blood in games. That is why PUBG Corp. invented such a simple crutch. But due to the fact that this green (turquoise) blood is very visible, it was not so long ago changed, greatly reducing the brightness. This is how you can activate the green blood color:

Right-click on the shortcut to start the PUBG game, click on “Properties”.

“General”, select “Download options”.

Enter a parameter in the launch shortcut: “-fix”.

Save and start the game client

Also you can make blue blood in PUBG

PUBG provides blue blood to please countries such as South Korea and China, where violence in video games is under scrutiny. Blue Blood helps PUBG Corp stay sane.

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