PubHTML5: Broadcast magazines, catalogs, etc. [Giveaway]

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PubHTML5 is the all-in-one digital publishing solution for everyone to publish interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures online.

PubHTML5 will help you to marketing product, see below for example. It has both online cloud version and offline desktop version.

PubHTML5 - Sample

PubHTML5 sample. Click to play it.

PubHTML5 features

  • PDF to Digital Flipping Book Free
    Engage your customers with branded, commerce-ready digital flipping book, catalogs, lookbooks, magazines & other online publications. Easily upload your PDF publication to PUB HTML5 and in a matter of minutes get your digital magazine up and running. Yes it’s that easy! Use the upload button to try it yourself now.
  • Administration & Management tool Free
    PUB HTML5 admin & management tool not only allow you to upload new books to PUB HTML5 Cloud Service, but also enable you to manage the online books in no time. You can edit the book info and share publication via social media.
  • Share on Social Networks Free
    Social Networks transformed into a new and efficient way of sharing and distributing information. You can use it for your publications with the built-in easy sharing interface. Reach your audience, find new clients and business partners not only though your web-site, but also via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Text Version for SEO Free
    PUB HTML5 enables you to customize the book title, description and keywords. You can then add it to your website, sitemap and blogs to ensure search engine visibility. You can make your magazine highly searchable using our online magazine software by enabling the SEO feature.
  • Access Statistics Free
    Optimize your content and budget via PUB HTML5 Metrics, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences. Track engagement with reports on zoom patterns, page views, time on page, widget interactions and more.
  • Managing Subscribers Free
    Instantly manage all your subscribers from a single interface. Learn more about the people who subscribe to your magazine and add new subscribers if necessary.

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PubHTML5 Giveaway

You can get special offer of PubHTML5 (3 Months Platinum Plan) with free.
Below the details.

  1. Copy the CDKey: plt3m-whKg2-2Pd3N-M9pub
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