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One way to reduce spam comment is to install Captcha word verification plugin for WordPress.

I wonder why my new blog get a lot of spam comments. Though not yet known….. I was made dizzy by this. Every day is getting dozens of spam comments on Spam Queue, when I have installed Akismet. Initially I did not know whether to be installing additional plugins or not to cope the spam comments, like Captcha word verification.

captcha word verification

captcha word verification

Then I asked my friend, why do I get spam comments and how to reduce it.

My friend replied that perhaps the blog server you use has become a spam target. How to cope is by trying to use anti-spam plug ins like Akismet and Captcha and its need to be combined.

On the advice of friends, then I add Captcha word verification plugin. By using the Captcha, the commentators will be required to fill the resulting random word verification. This prevents comments generated by the engine.

After use for some time, I rarely find the spam comments on spam queue.

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