IObit Uninstaller: remove software completely

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I was quite surprised with this freeware uninstaller software, IObit Uninstaller. The file capacity is quite small are about 1,2 MB with many advantages. Nice appearance and performance is quite fast. And also runs as portable software, with no need installation process, so it will not compromise your system.

Why we need software IObit Uninstaller to remove the software? Whereas the process of removing software can easily be done through Add and Remove Software in Control Panel. Answer: in some cases, removal is not perfect and leaves residue. Please read the descriptions below how to clean up the remnants of this software.

In addition to uninstalling the software, IObit Uninstaller can also read Windows Update. So you will easily remove the updates that cause system instability.

iobit uninstaller - uninstall windows update

I tried to remove the software Easy Watermark Studio because I will replace it with newer versions.

The first step is to create system restore point, in my opinion this is the safest way. So if there is a problem in the process of elimination, you can return to a previously created restore points. After that, the removal process takes place. The last process is to search for items associated with the deleted software, with feature Powerful Scan.

iobit uninstaller - powerfull scan

Results as shown in the picture below. The items left behind can be empty folder, file uninstaller, registry entries, and others. Delete these items because it was useless and could have the longer it will multiply as the number of software being removed.

iobit uninstaller - remove all remaining

IObit Uninstaller 2 more info and download

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