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Manik Agra August 16, 2010 0 Responses

We accept Sponsored Post on vmancer.com.
The article is come from you which is unique.
The price USD 20 per post with maximum 3 dofollow links (payment through Paypal).
If you are interested, please contact me through Contact form.

But if you want to hold a giveaway activity please visit Giveaway Cooperation page.


1) First, to make sure we send you content that you’ll love, do you have any specific guidelines regarding content length, etc.?
>>> Actually I have no detail guideline, but if you want your content get best result, off course you need the best effort to create it. 

2) Do these guest posts look like the other posts or are they marked: “sponsored”, “paid”, “guest post” etc? If they are marked, what do you add to these posts?
>>> No tag like “sponsored”, “paid”, “guest post” etc, but if you request to add, then I will add it…  

3) How long does it take after we submit a post for it to be added to your website on average? Sometimes we have a couple of weeks and sometimes we need them in a day or two. If you could tell me which is the case with your site, I would know which opportunities to send your way.
>>> ASAP, a day for maximum.

4) I work with several people, so I may be able to send regular posts your way. Do you offer any pricing discounts or discounts for higher volume contributors?
>>> Price is negotiable for large volumes 

5) Do you offer link inserts into existing articles?
>>> Yes, but link insert don’t allowed in other customer sponsored post.

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