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RIOT image optimization tool are small tool that is used to compress the image so that the image have small  file capacity. This relates to website loading speed, including blogs. Images usually have data capacity is quite large compared with text, so loaded with takes more time. Here is RIOT usefulness.

Actually RIOT is short, which stands for Radical Image Optimization Tool.

The use of RIOT

The most interesting RIOT usefulness:

  • Reduce quality (remember not to damage the image)
  • Simple image processing
  • Save as to other popular image format (GIF, JPG, PNG)
  • Could be as Irfan View plugin
  • Available portable version

In order to use RIOT image optimization tool, you must install it first. It can be done in 2 ways. You can put RIOT as a stand-alone software or as a plugin of GIMP, IrfanView, XnView (download RIOT). Once installed, run RIOT. Interface will be seen like the picture below.

RIOT image optimization tool

Image optimization done by lowering the quality of images (slide the slider to the left), convert images format to jpg or gif, and replace the encoder is used. But you also have to pay attention to images that are optimized, so that it looks undamaged (still looks good).



If you use Microsoft Office 2003 and above, you will find the Microsoft Office Picture Manager in the installation package. This simple image processing software from Microsoft can be used for resizing, crop, brightness and coloring, compress data capacity, file format conversion, and others. So you no longer need to find software for this purpose.

Look at the screenshots below that show some of the functions found on the right sidebar.

microsoft office-picture manager-vmancer microsoft office-picture manager-vmancer-2


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