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Phishing Scam easily hijack my Facebook by using the lost password feature. This not need to happen if I apply secure login for Facebook settimg.

Secure login for Facebook

Yesterday a Phishing Scam hijack my Facebook account, but today have been in my control completely. I feel the loss a password that is complex, consisting of a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. But Phishing scam hijack my Facebook account be easily. I was curious to find a way how to setting secure login for Facebook account. Many friends who have lost their facebook account.

Now I can only conclude, hijacker will still be able to enter your Facebook account and we have 24 hours before the hijackers took over permanently.

Unwanted access by the hijackers will be reported via email that is registered when creating an account. So you have to do check a mail in inbox at least once in 24 hours. This is tedious !!!

Trends in Indonesia, many people familiar with the Internet first through a mobile phone. To my knowledge….. many do not know what it is email and a more complex uses even though they know the Internet.

Facebook even more accessible through mobile phones (Facebook mobile) than computers. Secure login for Facebook settings that appear in the image below will not be visible if you access Facebook through mobile phones, but this is very important. So….. many people do not know if there is any unwanted access on their Facebook account.

Secure login for Facebook

Secure login setting for Facebook

I think you should enable this security setting. If you activate option in the green box as shown above, then you will receive notification via email and SMS when there is access to your Facebook account from an unknown device.

And if the option on the red box is enabled, then you will be asked to fill in code that sent via SMS when you access your Facebook account.

The second is a boomerang for me because the access codes do not arrive on time. So my difficulty to accessing my Facebook account.

Secure login for Facebook

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  • Nice article… I already did this… 🙂
    I just want to add some:

    1. If possible, use secure browsing (https). If your computer is safe, doesn’t mean your network is safe. Who knows someone or a spyware,virus etc spying your network through the other computer which also connected to your network. Using https means the data that send from your computer to Facebook will be encrypted

    2. Do not display your email address on your Facebook Profile page. Or just display another email account of yours that doesn’t connected to Facebook

    3. Use only Facebook Apps that have good reputation and you trust them

    4. Many Facebook user are infected by worm or others. So please be careful to respond an attachment link from your friend

    Sharing is great, but don’t be so “Open” on Facebook. Share only what you really need to share 🙂

    • Thanks for the useful additional information.

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