Send to menu: how to set?

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You can set Send to menu, so shorten the processing time of copy – paste command.

Send to menuIf you use Windows as the computer operating system, and right-click on a file or folder, send to menu will appear. Maybe not all the goals you want. For that we need to edit Send to destination folder.

How to make send to menuĀ  contains the destination folder you often use? How to edit Send to destination folder so it contains the folders that I use or frequently accessed?

Shown in the picture beside, the Send to menu that have been adapted. There are additional destination, that are Bluetooth Exchange Folder and Downloads.

Send to destination

To make this, in principle is to create a shortcut of the destination location on the Send To system folder.

The fastest way to get there is by typing shell:sendto in Windows Explorer address bar.

Send to destination

Shortcut can be made through the right click menu or by right click, hold, and drag, and drop to the goal position. After releaseā€¦.. will display the menu and then select Create Shortcut.

Send to destination

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