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Setting Facebook privacy used to reduce the possibility of unwanted access to your Facebook account.

Many people do not realize the danger arising from the inclusion of personal data in detail on the internet. Many cases have been generated from this. For example is a case of identity theft are often faced by celebrities through Facebook social network. This can be minimized by doing setting Facebook privacy.

Current facebook users growing rapidly. Even many who use mobile phones to access Facebook. Facebook account no longer need to be made from a computer, directly with the phone also can.

But, many people do not notice that the setting Facebook privacy should be arranged in such a way as to protect yourself personally. This can be done even via mobile phone. Take a look at three sceenshots below that shows step towards Setting Facebook privacy.

Setting Facebook privacyFacebook privacy optionFacebook privacy option

First….. choose settings > change > then you can select recomended, custom, or others. Customize to your taste. Who can sees what. So that your privacy is still maintained.

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