Share public Twitter status: how to?

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Share public Twitter status: how to? And what’s the point with this?

Twitter has a special permalink for public status update that are anyone can see. Common people may not realize, nor even know its usefulness. I use this specific permalink to share public Twitter status. Look at the picture below is one example. Or try to click the link next:!/vmancer/status/145742031237554176, which contains information about Christmas Giveaway Promotion of Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements.

share public twitter status

How to share public Twitter status with permalink like that?

First, see the picture below. Permalink like that obtained in the time area. If not find the area like that, try to see it through Public Timeline. To copy the link into clipboard, just right click on the time area and choose Copy Link Location (if you using Firefox based internet browser).

share public Twitter status

How about to share public Facebook status?

Do not differ, even easier. Because each state always contains the time when it was published. See the picture below as example.

share public facebook status

Usefulness of this share public Twitter status or Facebook tips

If you participate a giveaway contest for example, and which requires that you participate in promoting the software with a way to spread through social networks, then this way is quite effective. But you must remember to create such status could be anyone to read, so when done checking this status looks by the checker.

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