Simply Good Pictures 2 [GIVEAWAY]

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Simply Good Pictures 2 is an interesting photo editing software for beginners. You can easily optimize the quality of photograph.

See the picture below. The interface of Simply Good Pictures 2 is very simple.
A windows with two pane picture preview. On the left is original photo and on the right is image estimated after having optimization process, and below it there are only 2 additional settings, Repair and Optimization. I’m sure you agree with me that photo on the right has sharper colors.

Currently Simply Good Pictures at version 2 and valued $24.99. But now you can get this software license with free. You just need doing registration that will not cost anything.

Why Simply Good Pictures 2 is recommended?

  • Helps you to present your photos perfectly
  • Contains not only fully automatic photo optimization, also automatic object recognition
  • Supports numerous input formats.
  • Simply Good Pictures 2 are free now and convince yourself by trying the software with your own photographic images.

Simply Good Pictures 2

Get Simply Good Pictures 2 license key with free

First, download the software through this page.
After the installation process end, run the software and you will find registration pop up window as shown in the image below. Complete the form and click Send.

Simply Good Pictures 2 - license key registration

If already passed, press the button as shown below in order to reappears registration pop up window.

You will receive 2 email for total. First, email that contain confirmation link in your inbox that need to click. Then arrive the second email that contain license key. License key should be directly copy – paste into the License Key as shown in the figure below then press Check License Key.

Simply Good Pictures 2 - license key input

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