SJCAM Gimbal – SJ-GIMBAL 3-axis Stabilizer Photo Gallery

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Great news to SJCAM Action Camera owners! The SJCAM Gimbal is being tested as we speak! While most Gimbals on the market will work with our cameras, the SJ6 and SJ7 will have a new “Gimbal Control” mode added. This will allow you to change the modes and settings using the SJCAM Gimbal. Other SJCAM models such as the M20, SJ4000 Wifi, SJ5000x etc can also be mounted on the Gimbal, but cannot be controlled by the SJ-Gimbal.

We are still confirming the specs and which functions the SJCAM Gimbal will be able to control. In the meantime, feel free to check out several photos of the SJ6 and SJ7 mounted (pictures coming soon) on the Gimbal.

Stay tuned for more pics, specs, release date and pricing here and on SJCAM Official Blog.


SJCAM Gimbal – 3-axis Stabilizer Photo Gallery

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