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“fast because it’s light….. or….. because it’s light so fast”. Might like it meant.

slimware utilities - slim computerSlimWare Utilities that is one of Microsoft Certified Partner, developed a utility that is named SlimComputer. This utility will optimize your computer’s performance by removing unused applications, toolbars, shortcuts, and startup items.

This utility is easy to use. Just press Run scan button and immediately the process will running. Then you will know where that is necessary and not.

If you make a mistake setting, go to the restore. There you can undo the mistakes made.

SlimComputer different working principles with nLite, vLite, and RT 7 Lite that I’ve discussed earlier. SlimComputer work on existing operating system, while nLite, vLite, and RT 7 Lite, working on operating system master installer that has not be installed.

slimware utilities - slim computer - portable versionOne more thing I almost forgot … This utility can create their own portable version. find on the setting.


slimware utilities - slim computer - main

slimware utilities - slim computer - windows utilities

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