WordPress plugin to optimize image

blog Plugins and Patch 2 Responses WordPress plugin to optimize image WordPress plugin useful to optimizing image displayed on your WordPress blog. WordPress plugin works automatically for all images uploaded after plugin is installed. Some images in this blog successfully optimized to 45%. Old images on your blog can be optimized at once by selecting the menu Bulk in Media menu group.

With WordPress plugin, each image will be optimized by reducing its capacity to improve WordPress blog performance to appear more quickly. That’s because less data needs to be loaded while loading the blog page.

Download and Install WordPress plugin

You can get from the official page or Installed New Plugin menu in your WordPress blog. Then install and activate. To reduce the capacity of all image files in the blog, please go directly to the Media menu and select Bulk (see picture 1). The second picture shows the process of optimization runs for all the image files in the blog. If you use Bulk, do not close the page until the process ends. Process will stop when the page is closed. WordPress plugin to optimize image

Last picture shows the Re-Smush menu that useful when you want to repeat the process of optimizing the capacity to the image file. WordPress plugin to optimize image

Automatic on upload setting (follow the steps below) WordPress plugin to optimize image

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