Softease Collage Maker for Mac

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Softease Collage Maker for Mac is software developed by Softease to create photo collage.

One way to make photo look more beautiful is to create photo collage, are photos containing an array of other photographs. These photos can be neatly piled or scattered. Current photo collage can be made easily and instantaneously, such as with Softease Collage Maker for Mac. Take a look at the following example.

Features of Softease Collage Maker for Mac

  • Fast, automatic, easy Mac collage maker to make digital collage The collage software offers a quite simple way to turn photos into digital collage. Whether you are a seasoned or an amateur user, you can learn quickly to make your own photo collage.
  • Convenient to import photo to collage maker
  • Customize picture collage on Mac in your way Change both the size of photo and frame Rotate photo to make it display at the direction you want. Zoom in/out collage to the perfect size. Create shadow for collage. Change the background with color, gradient, image or style pattern.
  • Six collage templates to choose to make Mac photo collage: Grid, Classic, Focus Style, Heart, Circular and Free Style.
  • There are pretty ways to share your happiness after you finish the picture collage on Mac: Save you mac photo collage as JPEG, PNG, TIFF. Print out and put it in a photo frame and place on your desk. Send it to family members and friends via Email. Upload to Facebook and Flickr to draw attention.

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Softease Collage Maker for Mac

Softease Collage Maker for Mac - sample    Softease Collage Maker for Mac - sample

Softease Collage Maker for Mac - sample

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