Softease PicSketch for Mac: turn your photo into sketch [50% discount]

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Softease PicSketch for Mac is MacOS software that used to turn your photo into a sketch. This will improve your photo artistic view.

This software running on Mac OS and so easy to turn your photo into pencil sketch or other. You can do the conversion fully automatic or overide some parts with your creative sense. PicSketch offers basic editing tools, such as zoom in / out, rotate, adjust contrast and brightness, change photo sketch background. You can even choose a pencil sketch effects from the preset pencil drawing styles. In a word, you can totally personalize your picture sketch.

Softease PicSketch for Mac features

  • Easy and quickly turn photo into sketch
  • Change picture sketch background with any color you wish
  • Place a picture sketch background from well-designed wallpaper collection
  • Be personalized to edit sketch photo
  • Freely to adjust photo sketch contrast, brightness and alpha if neccesary
  • Various preset sketch effects / styles
  • Save picture sketch to JPG, TIFF, PNG

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Softease PicSketch for Mac

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