Sothink Logo Maker Pro: Make your own logo on T-Shirts

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Sothink Logo Maker Pro - Tshirt with your own logoA person’s dress has a way of saying something about your personality and internal makeup. For those who wish to be different or eschew clichéd dress, the distinctive T-Shirt which signifies your unique personality traits may be a good choice. What makes T-Shirts different? Logos play a crucial role in addition to the T-Shirt styles.

Logo design needs inspiration. It can be drawn from the logo sites, movies or our life. However, there are lots of logo design software tools which simplify the process. With them, you can DIY your own T-Shirts design even if you are a green hand. Next, I will choose Sothink Logo Maker Professional (here after referred to as Sothink Logo Maker Pro) to accomplish the logos design for T-Shirts.

  1. Install and Launch Sothink Logo Maker Pro.
  2. Choose a logo from templates.
    378 fantastic logo templates are available to choose. Select your favorite logo. You can also import image or SVG files to the program.
    Sothink Logo Maker Pro - samples
  3. Edit the logo.
    Logo texts, colors, shapes, effects etc can all be edited. Just double-click on the texts,then you can edit the texts. You can also use the resources on the right panel.
    Sothink Logo Maker Pro - edit logo
  4. Export image.
    Click “Import/Export-> Export Image”, and then choose the option of “For Publish”. Check “T-Shirt” option in Reference, the below window opens; set the logo properties to export the appropriate logo image.
    Sothink Logo Maker Pro - publish logo
  5. Yes, it is really simple. You can view the brief YouTube video below. In addition, if you are not satisfied with all the logo samples or you are expertise in design tool, you can make logos all by yourself with the drawing tools like pen, pencil, brush, and tailor etc.

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