SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip: audio video converter [GIVEAWAY 10 LICENSES]

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SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip is multimedia software used to convert both audio and video.

Knew the first SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip, I immediately pictured the slogan in my minds….. SoundTaxi sounds sexy. I do not know where the slogan came from. Back to the topic, the thing made me interested with this software is ability to convert both audio and video, although the software is still separate.

Features of  SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip
By pay for $39.99, you can get all below:

  • Unprotects and converts music and movie files
  • 16 for maximum number of simultaneous audio conversions
  • 50x for maximum audio conversion speed in batch mode
  • Converts both audio and video
  • Audio CD Ripper and Burner
  • YouTube Downloder plug-in for Internet Explore
  • iPod, iPhone copy to feature
  • Free upgrades to future versions

SoundTaxi unprotects and converts music and movie files from:

iTunes, Napster, Zune, Yahoo Music, MusicMatch, MSNMusic, MusicLoad, MTV / urge, MusicNow, BuyMusic, AOL Music, Virgin Digital, Sony Connect, Beon Music, Peer Impact, iMusica, Rhapsody, Wal-Mart, AOL MusicNow, Audible, connect-europe, akuma, Listen JP, ongen, hmv, Bigpond Music, Soundbuzz, digirama, imusica, cdigix, cingular mMode, puretracks, metro tunes, fnac

With just a few mouse clicks you can enjoy all your protected songs and movies on iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC – without any restrictions or DRM protection.

10 licenses giveaway of SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip
I have 10 licenses that I would to share with 10 lucky commentator, but before they must eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.

  1. Share this article to social media or forum you follow and remember to make it public, so anyone can see.
  2. Submit a comment equipped with the share link.

This giveaway will run for a week and the draw made on the next day.

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SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip - Protected Video Conversion Process

Other screenshots

SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip giveaway - video file support

SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip giveaway - setting

SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip giveaway - Media Suite

SoundTaxi Pro+Video Rip giveaway - Audio CD Ripper

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