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Shoot Player or often abbreviated as SPlayer, is a videos player originating from China. This video player has several advantages over other video players.

Carries a wide range of codecs….. so that can be played film with good, including movie file format from DVD ripping, like .mkv (Matroska Video). The default setting….. will automatically find the subtitle file (auto match) on the server if not found. So no confusion anymore…..

play resident evil - after life with Shoot player (SPlayer)

Yesterday I saw my friend who was confused looking subtile file (.srt) because of incompatibility due to genuine dialogue. Turns out this software can adjust the tempo with a click right arrow to accelerate and left to slow down the come up of subtitles. Look at the picture was a sign next to the subtitle text (key).

More SPlayer advantages

  • Open source, free download, easy to use
  • No ads (ads free although freeware)
  • Available portable version
  • Full video format supported
  • Support GPU Optimization and low CPU Utilization

Interested in trying?

Directly go to SPlayer official website
SPlayer portable version download

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