WinRAR: Split compressed files

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Winrar split compressed files option useful to break down the file size is still large enough into several parts.

This method is often encountered when downloading data (usually from file hosting server) that is large enough. Once the file is downloaded, it must be combined before use.

WinRAR with *.rar format is one of software that commonly used for this purpose, but you should know that this software is paid. First, WinRar used to compress the file so that the capacity becomes smaller. Because the smaller size, it’s mean more easily upload to share files over the Internet. Then split the compressed files into multiple smaller capacity to upload.

As an example, I will split compressed files (video) with WinRAR into several smaller parts.
Note: the image below contains the steps to do this.

Winrar split compressed files - add to archive

The first step, right click and select add to archive.

Split compressed files with WinRAR - archive name and parameter

In the dialog window that appears, enter the desired largest capacity of each files that has been splited. After that, confirm with click OK.

the video splited into five smaller pieces

And now….. How to combine it back?

It can be done easily, by extracting the file with names xxx.part1. To remember is that all files that have been splited placed on a one same folder.

combined into one video file intact

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