Split – recombine files with 7zip

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split recombine file with 7zip - split files

7zip is freeware that is used to compress the file capacity, could also serve to split – recombine files. Using a standard format 7zip, also supports common formats such as usual .zip, .rar, .cab, and other compression formats.

Software compression is used to reduce the capacity of the file without destroying it. With small capacity files, it is convenient to data exchange. Even so, there is no reduction in capacity on a multimedia file, such as sound, pictures and video.

split recombine file with 7zip - add files

Splitting files is the other feature of this software, dividing it into several smaller sections that can be merged back. This feature I will show below.


First, select the file to be parsed. Then select Split file (according to the first and second picture).

split recombine file with 7zip - split to volumeSpecify the capacity of splitting file process. For example I use 5,000,000 bytes equal with 5 MB.

The results can be seen on the figure below. Original file is splitting into five sections, each have size 5 MB, except the last file is the rest of the division.

split recombine file with 7zip - each file parts

Note at the end of each file name, in sequence from .001 until .005. All of these files must be in the same folder for the merger.

Now, how do I combine them?

split recombine file with 7zipVery easy. Just select Combine Files menu. previously fragmented files will soon converge and can be used.

Need to compare this software?

Read article Split and compress file with WinRAR. WinRAR is a paid software with functions that are generally similar.

7zip official download.

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